Mikael Staer Nathan

Design + Development

Dear City

Comment, rant & complain, praise & applaud, suggest ideas and express your thoughts – Dear City lets you write messages to your city, about your city.


Dear City is a simple concept allowing a citizen to leave (anonymous) messages to the city he or she lives in. This web-based framework creates a social cluster of opinions that express the thoughts of the man on the street. Dear City becomes a documentation of contemporary life and its ups and downs.


Dear City was founded in 2009 under the name "Kære København" (Dear Copenhagen) for the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, and expanded to the rest of the world in 2013 under the name Dear City.

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The Atlantic Cities ~ Strombo ~ Bettery Magazine


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In 2010, the magazine MetroNyt, distributed on the metro in Copenhagen, featured the project with actual post-its printed throughout the pages of the issue.

I was also interviewed and featured on the front page of Danish tabloid newspaper, Urban, with the title "Giving Citizens a New Voice."


...I believe Kære København will create another important space for communication between the citizen of Copenhagen and the city council.

Frank Jensen, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen