Mikael Staer Nathan

Design + Development


An experimental typeface exploring the possibilities in the construction of shape and form through the use of line.


This is an on-going series of compositions using repeating geometric forms that complement and highlight the typeface.


The idea for Solar came from the pages of an old sketchbook.

The sketches are from the same sketchbook...
...but on pages drawn several months apart. Repeated sketches & ideas are just asking to be used.
A page from another sketchbook from the same period. Similar themes.
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The construction of each letter is based on pure geometric forms, rather than an existing typeface. A focal point from which the letter will be formed is chosen, and lines are drawn from that single point and cut at the borders of the letter's "skeleton".

In fact, many letters were hand-drawn to quickly find the best focal and proportions that complemented that letter best.

Each and every line and dot was drawn by hand, one at a time, in FontLab – a fairly painstaking process.

Glyphs & Characters

Some of my favourites and perhaps the most successful forms.